Airborne Targets

Alpha Products, Inc. - Aeronautics Division
Alpha Center, 351 Irving Drive, Oxnard, CA 93030, USA, Tel: 805-981-8666 Fax: 805-988-6555

We build & refurbish decoy & Targets

Our business model is Engineer to Engineer - Avoid the fluff, Get a quality job done!

Alpha Products Inc., has serviced most major aerospace companies and defense services over the 40+ years of our service. In the past 10 years we have worked on various targets and decoys, helping extend there work life by providing parts modification, refurbishment, salvage, reverse engineering and new designs to customer requirements.

We build new and legacy items, kits, and parts including Receiving and Transmitting Antenna Systems, Sensors, Wave guides, Electrical wiring harnesses, Cable assemblies, Electronic Boxes from a schematic to a complete air worthy unit, as well as CNC machined metal items and sheet metal brackets and parts.

We offer our services to Customer Design Engineers in payload design, rapid prototyping, 3D design models and laser technology to create a custom, state-of-the-art payload. We look forward to servicing your needs.

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We have over 10 years experience working with the US Navy and its subcontractors